How does a Plumber Unwind?

Believe it or not, a plumber unwinds the same way other similar professionals do. It really depends on the amount he gets. Depending on what country you are, the plumbers get a certain amount of vacation leave (our friends at verstoppingen oplossen know how to relax quite well). You should not be too hard on yourself so better use these leaves before the year ends. Those leaves will not last forever so it would be better to use them for something that will get you to relax.

Besides, it won’t be good for the body if you just think about work. It would be great to go on a vacation at a place far from your work. One great place would be the beach. It would really depend on where the plumber lives. If you live six hours from it then that would be great. In fact, the long travel will make you feel confident that you won’t come across anybody you know in there. Of course, you don’t really need to say what you need to do for a living.

You can tell the people you meet their other things and they will believe you. They have no way of knowing it anyways. It is like pretending you are an entirely new person once you are at a place you would want to be. You can even change your name and there is nothing wrong with that too. Another great place a plumber would usually unwind in the amusement park.

You would think this place is only for kids but the plumber can take his entire family to the place. His kids would enjoy and that would put a smile on his face. Besides, the amusement park also has a bunch of cool stuff for the adults. Who says a grown-up man can’t enjoy a Ferris wheel? There is no maximum height for those rides. There is a minimum height though so you can tell if your kids can come along at the ride with you. Of course, you would need to accompany your little kids to the ride as they can’t do the ride themselves.

Now that you know where a plumber unwinds, do you think you can go to the same place? Of course, you can’t expect a bunch of plumbers to be there. You can expect people from all walks of life to be there. If you stay at a budget hostel, you can expect to meet a lot of new friends. It would be great to get out of your comfort zone and meet a lot of new people.

You never know when you will need these people again. Who knows? If you tell them you are a plumber, they could offer you a high-paying job in their company. if that is not the case then they may refer you to someone who will. It is all about getting connections in the right places. It is always a great feeling to meet new people but remembers that not all of them are nice. Some of then would pretend to be nice to you then forget all about you the next day.

These are the type of people to avoid so better move on to the next. Besides, there is a load of people to talk to in those places. You should never be ashamed if you are a plumber because racist people don’t really exist nowadays. They won’t look down on you no matter what you do. At least you have a job because there are a lot of people who don’t really do anything. They just wait for other people to give them money then they spend it useless stuff. It is such a shame how horrible people like that exists. They just get bored with checking out their Facebook feed the entire day.

Of course, they would get bored that they would end up starting a business that they are not familiar with. You are going to get disgusted by these fat people. They don’t know anything in life but they are most likely pretty. However, it won’t be long before they get so fat that they would cause their sofa to break. Unfortunately, if your husband is a plumber then he won’t be able to fix your sofa.

Benefits and Types of Marketing Technologies

Marketing technology is the use of technology to enable marketers to advertise and sell their products and services online. Marketing technology has been evolving to meet the needs of marketers and also online customers.

Benefits of marketing technology

1. Marketing technology helps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.

2. Marketing technology has helped marketers to be more effective when it comes to retention of customers and acquisition for example by using LinkedIn ads one can target a specific job title and directly convey their marketing message to that specific person and this increase their engagement with that persona.

3. Marketing technology also enables one to get actionable insight into their RIO when it comes to their efforts in marketing.

4. Marketing technology has reduced time that would have been used in creating a marketing strategy; thus, companies can achieve more at a very short period. Make sure you check out software reviews to pick the right tool for your needs.

Types of marketing technology

Five main technologies which are essential when it comes to marketing of products include:
I. Advertising
II. Social media
IV. Content management
V. Analytics

1. Advertising

Advertising technology helps the marketer to be able to access customers that would otherwise be unreachable. Some of these advertising technologies include Facebook ads, Google search ads, or even targeting specific job title in LinkedIn.

2. Analytics

For the successful use of technology for marketing, you need to have a team of marketers who analyze the different types of technologies and decide on the most successful, especially when it comes to product marketing. Analytics can either be a standalone product such as Google Analytics and Amplitude analytics, or it can be a feature of different tools such as ROI analytics or Bynder offender.

3. Content management

It is important when it comes to marketing for a company to use various technologies to manage the content of products and services they are offering. It’s thus important for a company to have a digital asset management system which helps to extract the value of the products. Some of these technologies include filter taxonomy, Bynder’s DAM leverages AL- powered search and versioning.

4. CRM

CRM system helps to ensure effectiveness when it comes to the marketing of products. CRM also helps to increase the value of products from the existing customer base, thus increasing the ROI of the customer’s acquisition effort. Example of CRM systems includes Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, and intercom. To determine the best CRM system that is suitable for your business, it will depend on the size, whether you are of customer base, B2C or B2B and the scale of marketing efforts.

5. Social media

Some technologies have made the use of social media for the marketing of products to be easy. Such technologies include Tweet Deck, which is used to condense several tweeter accounts, making it easy to use the platform. There is also Bynder derivatives that enable automatic resizing of images of products, thus makes the posting of these products in the social media easy.

6. Conversation optimization

This is a practice that marketers use to get people who visit their website to do what they want them to do. This involves making those people fill out forms and get their personal information as the email address for more engagement with them. Some of the websites that help in conversion optimization include unbounce, ion interactive, optimized, among others.

7. Remarketing

Remarketing involves marketing of products by showing the ads even when those customers are in other sites as long as they had looked at those products before in your website. This type of marketing technology is very effective since your market products to people who have already shown interest in those products. Some of the technologies that enable remarketing include the perfect audience, adroll and Google ad work remarketing.

8. Marketing automation

This is a type of marketing technology that enables marketers to track down what customers do when they visit their website, analyze, create online forms, personalize website content, manage email campaigns and also enable the alignment of sales. Some of these technologies that enable marketing automation include Hubspot, Act-on, infusionsoft, Marketo, adobe campaigns, among others.

In conclusion, when it comes to marketing technology, what matters is how well you use these technologies to improve your business. For success, when it comes to marketing, it is important for a person to use all the mentioned technology since these technologies work synergistically.

Choosing the Best Bird Watching Binoculars

Bird watching is a wonderful and very enjoyable activity to do during your leisure time. It’s a thrilling hobby that is enjoyed by many people all over the world. As some people might think, most bird watching enthusiasts don’t watch them for scientific or academic reasons; they actually track down various species of birds just for the sheer enjoyment that comes with it. Some do it just because they are lovers of nature and want to pass time exploring and admiring what nature has to offer. These days, there are even clubs and organizations that are devoted to bird watching hobby where like-minded people can gather together and share their bird-watching experiences with each other.

Using Binoculars to Get a Better View of Birds

Some people enjoy tracking down birds with their naked eyes but, in some situations, this can be quite difficult and having a good pair of birding or bird watching binoculars can make it easier. With a pair of quality binoculars, you will be able to spot birds and take your time to study each one of them up close without scaring them away.

There are numerous types of bird watching binoculars that are available on the market. It’s best to purchase a pair of bird watching binoculars that aren’t too heavy for you to carry while bird watching. Carrying around a big, heavy pair of birding binoculars while pursuing your bird watching hobby can be quite tiresome. A good pair of bird watching binoculars will not only magnify your view of the birds but it’ll also add some illumination in dark or low light place. It’s also good to buy binoculars that provide a large view of the birds. This will make it easier for you to view and study birds in flight.

Why Is Focus Important?

Buying a pair of binoculars with a good focus can increase your overall experience of bird watching in your backyard or on any excursion. The binoculars should also come with an easy to use focus mechanism since birds usually move fast and you might have a limited time to focus.

Your bird watching binoculars should also not alter the color of the birds or the birds’ surroundings. You want a pair of birding binoculars that offer you the most realistic view of these amazing creatures in their natural environment. If the binoculars distort or enhance the color, it may make identification quite difficult. Imagine looking up birds with purple stripes on their wings in a bird book only to realize later that the stripes were, in fact, dark blue stripes. You would be wasting your time, right?

Other Factors to Consider

1. Magnification – When choosing birding binoculars, check to ensure that the magnification is good enough for you. A binocular with 10X, 8X, or 7X magnification is okay. The higher the binocular’s magnification, the closer the view of the birds you will have. There’s one disadvantage of higher magnifications – it gives you a narrow field of view. So the best option is to select a binocular with medium magnification like 8X magnification.

2. Objective Lens Diameter – This is a vital part of bird watching binoculars as it’s the place where light enters your binoculars. So make sure you choose a pair of binoculars with big lens because that it will let in more light and make your birds’ color brighter and vibrant. It’ll also enhance the details of the birds and help you study them better. Unfortunately, big lens will add weight to your birding binoculars and make them too heavy for you to carry. Binoculars with forty-millimeter lens are just okay.

More on Bird Watching

You will have a great bird watching experience if you regularly go for nature walks in your home area. You can also find other like-minded people who are interested in bird watching. Consider joining a bird watching club or organizations and get to know other bird watching enthusiasts. You can also subscribe to a bird watching magazine or find out more information online. There are plenty of mailing lists about birding; just join one to get more information.

Birding tips

If you are a bird watching beginner, you’ll find it difficult to focus on birds quickly especially if the little creatures are flying. This actually requires practice. There are simple exercises you can do before going for birding trips. One is to look for flying planes then use your binoculars to find and follow a jet airplane across the sky. At first, you’ll find it a little difficult, but after few tries, you’ll get a much better view.

Why come to Seattle?

Elliot Bay, Seattle - from The Edgeware Hotel
Elliot Bay, Seattle – from The Edgeware Hotel

Seattle is known for so many good things like the famous Space Needle, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon and it’s amazing outdoors. There are a lot of things to do and see and enjoy, you will end your tour before seeing all the good stuff. Even if you have toured around the world, your trip won’t be complete till you visit Seattle and experience what it has to offer. Here are just a few of them reasons to visit Seattle and enjoy the entire time you are there.

The Space Needle

This 1962-built landmark is the postcard symbol for this City. You cannot see a picture or a movie about Seattle without this signature structure. At the restaurant atop this structure, you will have a 360 view of the city as you eat since it rotates slowly.

Enjoy local and international cuisine

You will get some of the best coffee shops in Seattle. And talking about coffee, you will get the chance to visit the very first Starbucks inside the Pike Place Market. Visit Belltown’s, the local, sustainable restaurant at the heart of the city with most of its ingredients sourced from inside the 360-mile radius of the city, hence its name Local 360. If you are the types who prefer gluten-free and dairy-free snacks, Thrive is just the restaurant to visit for organic, salads, juices and smoothies. At Chaco Canyon, all vegetarians are welcomed, their food is certified organic. Seattle is not only about organic and local food, come and savor some of the best-cooked flavors from around the world. Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Indian cultures are ripe in Seattle foods.

Summer festivals

Seattle is known to blossom in the summer with lots of events and festivals. Enjoy the Northwest Folklore Festivals which includes Irish cloggers. Others are the West African drummers and Middle Eastern dancers. In June, film producers, actors, directors, and critics come to Seattle for the international film festival. The Independence Day celebration is celebrated with plenty of fireworks over the Lake Union. Apart from these, Seattle sees so many festivals throughout the year in varying degrees.

Enjoy the neighborhoods

Wherever you plant your fingers on the map of Seattle, you will find some place worth visiting. Every neighborhood has a distinct character and a reason to visit Seattle. Every part of the city reveals something different about this great place. Take a ride to Downtown and the Waterfront and you will think you are in New York only that you will be on the Western coast. It features big shops, cafes, markets and not forgetting the big city all crammed into a very manageable area. For your entertainment, go to Capitol Hill to the east of the city. And if you want to taste some incredible foods, go south to Chinatown. Beacon Hill is one diverse neighborhood with a large park to ease your stress.

The museums

Seattle has so many museums you will be spoilt for choices. The Seattle Art Museum that focuses on Japanese, Northwest and Pacific Island art, the Experience Project Museum showcasing artifacts from the Matrix and Star Trek. Along the water-front for nine acres, there is the Olympic Sculpture Park. They are set in scenic places with lots of history, to begin with, for example, the Nordic Heritage Museum in an old schoolhouse and the Museum of History and Industry set in the old naval Reserve Armory.

Easily hop between the Islands

Seattle is surrounded by water between Lake Washington and Elliot Bay and is set between Puget Sound. Take a ride in the Washington State Ferries and enjoy the relaxing and affordable scenic journey around the islands. The Olympic Peninsula and the Bainbridge Island are only a short ride away where you can get your peek into history at the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. The first Japanese to be interred in the camps in WWII came from this island. Visit Vashon, a 20-minute ferry ride, to pick berries in the summer from the local farms, watch whales in the winter or hike whenever in a lazy afternoon or a long weekend. And to the North in Squamish just across Puget Sound, you can pay your respects to Chief Seattle’s grave from where you can view the city he was named after. If you have the time, you can visit San Juan Island by ferry and explore the outdoor scenery that is out of this world. This archipelago is well known for its diverse population of animals, making it a popular destination for tourists. Charter a sailboat, enjoy the hike or go whale watching in the Lime Kiln Park. However, if you are short of time to visit San Juan, you can see some marine life at the Seattle Aquarium, featuring an underwater dome to give visitors a perfect experience away from the water.

The music

Everyone knows Seattle for its great music. The Grunge was born here in the 90s when Pearl Jam and Nirvana tore the local venues. It is here that KEXP, the 24/7 radio station broke Macklemore and the Grandmaster Flash. There is so much history here when we begin talking music. The Paramount Theatre and Crocodile Café have continued to host live shows from as early as the beginning of the 90s. Visit Seattle in summer and experience a wide serving of culture, festivals, and fun. The Experience Music Project, located next to the Space Needle will give you a walk through the music history of Seattle.

If you have a healthy budget you could stay at The Edgewater Hotel which is right on the edge of Elliot Bay. Many celebrities and musicians have stayed here. It’s expensive, but the attention to detail is wonderful. Even the pillows they use are state-of-the-art ones like these featured on BestMattress-Brand. The hotel has hosted many famous bands from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin. You can even stay in The Beatles Suite where the band once stayed.

The wild side

Seattle is not only about food, culture, and museums, there is the wild side like Mt. Ranier National Park, which is just a couple of hours featuring 93 miles of hiking trail along the Wonderland Trail around the mountain. Feed your eyes with the glaciers, vistas of meadows, and snow-capped peaks. If you are the hiking enthusiast, you can try the 11-mile Kendall Katwalk that trails along the Red Mountain and the Kendall Peak. At the Olympic Peninsula to the west of Seattle, you can view some more glaciers; a lovely sight. Outside Forks is the Hot Rainforest through which you can hike along the Hall of Moses trail. To see some sea lions, you can visit the Third Beach as one of the reasons to visit Seattle.

Finding An English Tutor In Hong Kong

Hong Kong

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This makes it an extremely valuable language in many aspects, and one which everyone should aspire to learn. Native English speakers are not half as many as the people who have learned English as a second language. This means that it is not all that difficult to learn. With the right resources and determination, you too can learn the language easily.

Why is it beneficial to learn English?

  1. It makes communication easy – Nearly a fifth of the world’s population can speak or at least comprehend English. This means that in many places all over the world, you can communicate with ease if you can speak English. Few things are half as frustrating as trying to communicate with someone who cannot understand your language. However, if you can speak English, you are assured that you will have broken many communication barriers.
  2. It is good for business – 53 countries in the world have English as their official language. If you intend to conduct business in any of these countries, a good command of English would be an added advantage. Moreover, if you intend to be a freelancer, being good in English can come in real handy. This is because most of the freelancing jobs require a good command in English.
  3. Many Tutors – Because English is so widely spoken, it is easy to find facilities that teach the languages. An English tutor in Hong Kong is not that hard to come by, and most do an excellent job at teaching the language. The language is also not hard to learn.

Why should you choose Celebrity English Tutors?

If you are looking for an English tutor in Hong Kong, you would be well advised to choose Celebrity English Tutor. Here are some of the reasons why this company stands out from the rest in so far as teaching English is concerned:

  1. Student- focused learning – Everything that this company does is done for the benefit of the learners. Here, it is well understood that many people trying to learn a foreign a language as adults may not have so much time to spare for the languages. This is why the tutors try their best to make learning as simple as it can be. Learners have a one- on- one interaction with their tutor, during which time they can address any difficulties they may have with learning the language. Tutors also make good use of technology to make lessons more memorable and learning a continuous process.
  2. Frequent Use of Language is Encouraged – The simplest way to learn a language is to use it often, and this is very much encouraged at Celebrity English Tutor. Learners are encouraged to communicate in English as often as they can. This includes ordinary conversations with their colleagues and friends or even commenting on social media. Repetition is the mother of all learning, and this is especially true for languages. The more one uses them, the better they become at speaking the language.
  3. Learning is According to Learner’s Capability – At Celebrity English Tutor, the learning capability of learners is gauged in the very first lesson. This makes it easy for tutors to know the best way to teach a given learner. Each learner is assigned an individual tutor with whom they work throughout the learning period. This not only provides consistency and personalized attention for learners, but every learner is also taught according to their learning ability. This is both efficient and productive.


If you have decided to learn English as a new language, or if you only seek to improve your command of the language, do not hesitate to contact this company. Being able to communicate in English can open many doors for you. It makes travelling around the world much easier since in most places across the world, English is the most commonly spoken language. It also makes it easy for you to conduct business with people from all over the world. If you are only beginning to learn the language, no doubt you may be experiencing some difficulties. That should not deter you however. With time, you will get better. The more you repeat the words and familiarize yourself with the somewhat simple grammatical rules, the better you will become at the language.

Birmingham University Student Accommodations

Cadnam HallChoosing your university accommodation ought to be the great and fun part when applying for a university but sadly there are so many factors to be considered making it stressful. Most students seeking Birmingham University Accommodations prefer staying in the university halls with their fellow freshers in order to socialize and make new friends. These halls of residence appeal a lot to most parents as they offer more security to their children due to the presence of wardens and entry systems that use swipe cards.

A number of these halls of residences are owned by the university while others are owned and run by property management companies on behalf of the universities. There are also some privately-owned halls of residences that are open to a larger clientele. These types of residences offer students with the option of choosing rooms that look nice but at an extra cost. Most universities including Birmingham University guarantee accommodation to all first year students. However, this does not apply to the late entrants who are admitted via the Clearing system whereby applicants are matched with the unfilled places. The rooms are also offered on a first come first served basis and students ought to apply as soon as possible.

What Next for Students who Miss Birmingham University Accommodations?

If your child is joining the Birmingham University but unfortunately they did not get accommodation at the university halls of residences, there are various options that you will have to consider. There are a number of privately-owned and University-owned halls of residences where your child can get accommodation albeit off-campus. Here are some of the factors you have to consider when choosing the best Birmingham University accommodations.

Catered or Self-catered Accommodation

Living accommodationsWhen choosing university accommodations, you have to make the choice between catered and self-catered halls. However, according to a NUS survey conducted on university accommodations, most universities are in the process of closing the catered halls. This is due to lack of demand and they only make about 15% of the available rooms. Universities offering catered accommodations always insist on students taking their meals at a specific time which is quite a challenge for those who have other engagements during these set meal times.

Self-catered accommodation gets rid of missing meals that you have already paid for. You will have the freedom to make your own meals in the kitchen area provided by the halls proprietors. Most of them offer students with a fully fitted kitchen, freezers, fridge as well as dining tables and chairs. As long as you are able to cook for yourself, the self-catered option is the best as you have a choice of what you eat and take healthy meals.

Proximity to the University

Proximity to your campus is another important factor that most students consider when choosing the most suitable Birmingham University accommodations. You should choose an accommodation that is near your campus in order to reduce on the amount of time you use to get there daily. It will also eradicate the transportation costs that you will be incurring everyday when traveling to campus and back. It also ensures your safety and security as you walk or cycle to and from class. Proximity to a mode of public transport is another important consideration to make before settling for a particular hall of residence.

Fast Reliable Internet Connection and Budget

Dorm roomA number of private halls have Wi-Fi connection while others rely on the university internet connection via cables. You can base you decision on the halls of residence you will live in depending on the kind of internet they provide especially if your course requires a lot of internet use. It is important to consider looking for accommodation that is within your budget in order to avoid running into financial trouble. The internet can assist you in finding the right accommodation for you around Birmingham University. Your budget will determine whether you live in a single room or shared rooms.

Bottom Line

When looking for Birmingham University accommodations, ensure that you choose student apartments that are well-facilitated. Make sure they are within a walking distance to your campus and close to a public means of transport. If you are looking for the perfect university accommodation in Birmingham, you should consider checking out Cadnam Hall in Harborne. It has student rooms designed in such a way that they have everything any studying person requires. Everything at this hall has been designed in a way that they keep up with the student’s needs and tastes in perspective.

Learning Math Online To Improve Your Grades

Puzzles are very popular and often used to provide both entertainment and training. Math puzzles in particular have been seen to have several benefits to both kids and adults. Solving math puzzles does not only improve reasoning and problem solving skills, but also enhances concentration and forces players to think with their various senses and access different parts of their brain to draw out logical reason. For school going kids, math puzzles can be used to improve various skills including memory, focus and problem solving. Studies have also shown that puzzles can increase the intelligence quotient of those who solve them. For adults, such puzzles will not only be fun to solve, but can also been used to improve reasoning and decision/solution processes of the brain. You can find online math puzzles to try out and use for brain refreshment from time to time. There are several sites that offer such opportunities and puzzles of different difficulty levels.

How to find the best math puzzles

As aforementioned, many sites are ready to offer you free math puzzles while others offer professional skill improving puzzles for scholars. In fact, some sites even offer PhD level puzzles and real case studies as a way to outsource the decision making process and get the best equations, formulas of solutions to problems and matrices. Although finding online math puzzles should not be a problem, not all offers you get will be impressive. In fact, some are simply scam sites that offer basic math puzzles while prompting your device to download different kinds of apps and malware, or redirect you to different pages full of pop-ups and ads. So how do you find online math puzzles that are worth your time and investment? Here are a few things to consider;

  • Challenge levels and target – The first step is identifying the challenge level of offered puzzles and who they target. Math puzzles offered for kids will be different from those offered to adult scholars or for workforce improvement. If you are looking to encourage your kids to take more math puzzles, go for kids math puzzles. Similarly, those looking for any given level of math puzzles should chose sites that are dedicated to providing that level of puzzles. The challenge and difficulty should increase with new puzzles.
  • Reputation and longevity – Like every other business, reputation is still a key aspect to review when choosing online math puzzles. What do other people say about the puzzles and their benefits? If the user reviews are full of complaints and negative comments, then you should probably avoid such offers. It is also advisable to choose sites that have been providing math puzzles for a while and are accustomed to meeting the needs of their users. Some new sites may still offer great math puzzles but others will simply copy from the experienced competitors.
  • Try out several options – Most sites will promote their online math puzzles as a one-stop destination for all your puzzle needs regardless of the level. While some of these claims may be true, it is often advisable to see what different platforms offer. Solving puzzles is all about making improvements and expanding your skill sets. Solving them from different platforms and sites will give you inspiration and fortify your belief in what you can achieve. It is also expose you to different dimensions of math problems and puzzles.

online math tutor

There are other minor things to consider like charges/subscriptions/fees, mode of answering (online/offline) and user experience (website loading speeds, navigation, clarity and layout) among such aspects. It is generally advisable to choose credible platforms that are highly reputed by users. Most offers are free but you can also find offers that provide high quality challenges and math puzzles at a small subscription. Some even provide competitions and award winners or give incentives.

Where to find online math puzzles

The good thing about online searches is they are all alike and take a few seconds to complete. All you need to do is search for online math puzzles on your favorite browser and search engine and then review the above aspects of each offer you come across, such as mathrix. You can also find review sites that take a look at the quality of service provided before rating them. They also look from user reviews and general information regarding several aspects of service (math puzzles) provision. You can try a couple of top rated companies and see what kind of puzzles they offer. It is advisable to choose sites that offer puzzles for kids and adults. For scholarly puzzles, you are better off choosing sites dedicated for that specific need.

Starting the Year with Some Fast and Furious Action: The Seattle University Foosball Tournament

On Saturday, 28th January 2017, every foosball fan at Seattle University will be celebrating the legacy of Lawrence Patterson, the American military man who introduced the U.S to foosball. A foosball tournament is set to pour some serious table soccer action over the day at the university. The foosball tournament is expected to bring together hundreds of foosball pros and novices at the university, according to the student union. A league table for the event is being finalized and interested participants are encouraged to register before Wednesday, 25th January so that they can secure their place in the tournament. So far, 10 singles, 8 doubles and 6 mixed doubles have registered. The organizing committee expects more players to join in before the deadline.

Being the first tournament this year, and one that foosball ambassadors have waited for a long time, the event will mark a new beginning for the game at the university. Over the past few years, the number of students playing foosball has stagnated. Competition from other games and a decreasing interest in games by the students are some of the possible causes of the slow development of foosball. There have also been complaints about the lack of enough foosball facilities at the university. However, 2017 seems to come with good prospects for the game. They will be bringing in a brand new professional grade Tornado foosball table that is used in official tournaments around the globe.

Tornado foosball tournamentIn preparation for the event, foosball tables and accessories have been checked to make sure everything is set. Broken tables have been repaired and missing player models replaced. Enough room has also been made for doubles and mixed doubles. It has been long since foosball fans had such a moment when all eyes at the university are on the game.

Players haven’t been left out in the preparations. There has been a consistent practice mood in the university with teams dedicating long hours to master their skills ahead of the big day. The air around participants is full of anxiety, with every contestant looking forward to winning the biggest prize.

Contestants seem pretty passionate about their foosball. If you walk around the popular practice areas at the university you’ll notice crowds around foosball tables cheering on like it’s a schoolyard fight. One student and ardent foosball fan commented, “It’s amazing that the student union decided to give foosball the first chance this year. I love table soccer and can’t wait for the action”.

Various cash prizes and trophies will be won. The overall winner in each classification will get a trophy while numbers two and three will be given different cash prizes. If you are at Seattle University and feel this event is for you, hurry up and register before the deadline. You never know whether the tournament is holding your moment of fame.

Seattle University championshipAt 8 a.m. on that Saturday, the first teams will face each other with lightning-quick passes, rod slides and terrific shots amidst the “ooh” and “aah” and “nice shot” comments of overlooking fans. It’s going to be a morning lit with athletic joy.

There couldn’t be a better moment for the Seattle University foosball tournament. The game seems to be regaining popularity not only among students but also in the larger Seattle area. There is a significant increase in foosball’s bar prominence and the table soccer is getting more aggressive. One of the major aims of this tournament is to increase awareness about the game among university students and the community. Another aim is to increase the number of students who play the game at the university. Students at the university could take this opportunity to grow their skills for the game. An alumnus of the university could be in team USA in 2020’s Olympics representing SU’s foosball family.

It’s the hope of many that more tournaments will be coming over the year and in future. Everyone is eager to see how the football baby will develop at the university. There is already some chatter doing rounds about a bigger table soccer tournament to be held later in the year. The event will be completely different from this one as teams from other universities will be welcomed at the school. As it has been indicated above, it feels like the game has just started. Foosball leaders seem confident and convinced that this year will see a lot of fast and furious on the soccer tables. The administration is fully supportive and has promised to back the foosball community at the university.

Tell Stories Or Describe Events

Technology in our current times is every changing and evolving. What once were live performances of music then turned into records, then radio which is still used today. Radio has been transformed into applications, CD’s, etc. The newest form is now a podcast. Podcasts do not necessarily feature music. They more tell stories or describe events. A podcast is defined specifically by Google as a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading. The podcasts are typically available as a series or in installments.

The most recent podcast I listened to was created by WBEZ entitled, “This American Life”. It was about Harper High School located in Chicago, Illinois and more specifically Englewood. It was about the growing rate of violence primarily by gangs. In one year alone, 29 residents and students were shot. The journalists covering this story interviewed teachers, counselors, and students at the school to better understand the environment in which they live and learn. What they found was horrifying.

It was made a point by multiple interviewees that the neighbor is not safe. You are not supposed to walk alone but you are also not really supposed to walk with someone as it is seen as gang relation. If a specific gang sees you walking with someone, they will automatically assume you are in a gang and likely start some sort of trouble.

The most troubling aspect of the entire issue was that kids were placed in gangs not because they wanted to join them but because of where they lived. Gangs are based on the block you live on and not necessarily who you hang out with. It was awful to hear that the gang violence does not get left out of the school doors. Students have been shot and killed. Some for no reason in particular they were just in the midst of the action. Students at the school are terrified of what happens as soon as they leave the school doors to go home. Drama that happens in school between gangs will likely not be solved in the classroom and will then be brought to the street to which point the violence occurs.

This two part podcast was incredible in the sense that it truly told the story of what these kids go through on a daily basis. The journalists who covered the story did so in a narrative manner even during the interviews. I thought this was an effective way to tell the story as it provided the listener with the ability to only focus on the voices that were speaking and the sounds of the school in the background. Had this story been told on a television, I believe it would have taken away from the heart of the matter. It would be difficult to tell the story on a radio station as it would take quite some time to do so in between commercials and songs. Podcasts are the new an upcoming medium.

Radio is still an excellent medium for music and the exchange of information about artists. Podcasts are now surfacing as the new way to tell stories and exchange news. Both of these work cohesively with the other. The existence of podcasts now allow more time for radio stations to play music and get new, popular music out to listeners while radio allows podcasts to focus their time and energy in telling a single story whether it be all in one session, or in installments. Podcasts are new and upcoming and will soon be more diversely spread amongst the population nationwide.